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Steamy Weather

Went on a quick work trip to Phoenix this week. Only my second time there -- outside of the airport.

Nothing against anyone living there, I have a cousin there, but Phoenix is not among my most favorite cities. It's nice, scenic and there's much to do. But, I'm not a golfer nor do I enjoy hot weather day after day after day after day. I like summer and all, but to everything there is a season. A good 10-inch snowstorm is always welcome. As long as I'm not on my way somewhere and it melts off the road the next day.

Hopped downtown to the Hard Rock Cafe. Ate a very good "Rock Chop," which is new to the menu. Also picked up two guitar pins and a beanie cap. It, the Hard Rock, is directly across the street from the basketball arena and very near the city's baseball park.

I hate that Hard Rocks have lost some of their allure. The bartender at the Phoenix location told me the one in Dallas closed. Officially, it is moving. That news crushed me. I have many fond memories of fun times at the Dallas Hard Rock. If only I could live in the 1980s forever.

Phoenix is nice and clean, but few people were walking around. I was told that's the norm when summer settles in for the season. It was 102 degrees at 10 p.m. and hit 111 the next day. I was fascinated by the spray misters for outdoor dining and under hotel porticos. Maybe I'll have to plan a trip back in January.

In Kansas City this week we're having our share of the rain that has been blasting Texas and Oklahoma. We're on the north side of the front. Interestingly, as those two states have had 16 or more days of rain, I heard that Phoenix has gone around 70 days with no rain.

I'm proud to report that my lawn is green, the weeds are at a minimum, the flowers are blooming, and my pear tree is slowly recovering.


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