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Governing From Missouri

Mormon Temple in Salt Lake CityTwo pics from the Salt Lake trip. Walked around the Mormon Square, actually, I think it's called Temple Square. The hotel was few blocks from it. It was a pretty day, making the scenery around the building very nice. Colors around dusk always are so vibrant. Even saw a bride and groom posing for pics.
Donny and Marie picture in Salt Lake's Hard Rock
From there, walked all the way - quite a hike - to the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a cool one in a neat area. I was surprised with the number of homeless-looking folks scattered about along my path. Took the light rail back to the hotel. An interesting area, I enjoyed Salt Lake.

The pic of Donny and Marie was at the Hard Rock. Original Osmond items were on display everywhere, including costumes. Very fun. I'm a child of that era obviously.

Here's a link to an NPR/All Things Considered story about Mormonism. Melissa Block interviewed a gentleman named Richard Bushman. He is a religious history expert and evidently a Mormon. I learned much when I heard the story (it aired July 5) and learned even more re-reading the text.


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