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I'll Fly Away

Because I like to acknowledge stuff like this and because I am catching up on my past-due blog posts, just had to post a memorial to Lady Bird Johnson and Tammy Faye Bakker Messner.

I was in elementary school when I was assigned President Johnson for my report about U.S. Presidents. Miss Kates seated her pupils alphabetically and assigned the presidents to us consecutively. Thomas, I can't remember his last name but I remember it started with an A, got Mr. Carter, Gina Curtis had Mr. Ford, Mr. Nixon was assigned to Mark Dixon and then yours truly received Mr. Johnson. I know, Cowboy comes before Curtis, but I had a different name back then.

It was fun learning about Lyndon and Lady Bird and how everything on their ranch was named with an L, B and a J. I learned that he often was mean, had involvement with the Vietnam Conflict, became president because of Mr. Kennedy's death, and was from Texas. I learned that she focused on beautification projects. Also, in the '80s when I interned in D.C., I learned about the Johnson Memorial along the Washington Parkway next to the Potomac on the way to/from Washington Reagan Airport. I still glance over at it now when on work trip to D.C.

Didn't have cable television as a kid. We of course had regular television, but I was addicted to Christian radio. I listened to it every chance I had. Just obsessed with it. I liked praise and worship music before it was the "in thing."

Each evening, the station in Tulsa (I think it was called KXOJ) would air the PTL Club. I'd lie in bed listening to the show and loving every moment. Singing along, praying and listening intently. Their radio show calmed me with all my teen angst and difficulties and made me feel very close to God. I actually enjoyed listening to Tammy sing.

Writing all this, I realize, just only further reinforces my nerd quotient. I'm sure even more evidence will be provided next week or shortly thereafter.

It was later in high school while visiting a friend's home who had cable tv that I saw Jim and Tammy Faye for the first time. Although shocked with the eye makeup, I didn't think it was that bizarre. It was the '80s. First time I saw her crying with all that stuff running down her face I was shocked. And was convinced it was all an act. It was like a car crash, so hard to turn away from and quit staring.

Although my perspectives and life had changed much, I was sad as the story unfolded and the PTL show and everything around it was destroyed. I was even more sad when their church essentially disowned the couple. But she rebuilt herself and started over. From what I understand, he has too. That's one thing I think is very different with today's "iconic-like" folks. They make so much money quickly then they don't stick around. They don't keep working, reinventing, correcting mistakes and trying something different.

The interesting, at least to me, twist to the story is that Tammy and husband just recently moved to Kansas City. She did her Larry King Live interview from here on Thursday night and then passed away Friday morning.

May they both rest in peace and long be remembered.


At July 24, 2007 5:04 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

And I thought I was the only one who didn't think all that makeup was really that outrageous back then. and NO, I didn't wear that much myself. When the whole downfall of the PTL happened, I actually felt bad for Tammy Faye. Seeing her on TV last week mad me cry. knowing that she passed less than 24 hours after that interview made me cry more. I hope she got her wish and I hope she went straight to heaven. I know Lady Bird did. - Meezer Mom


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