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Let The Games Begin

This weekend marks the beginning of auditions for the seventh season of American Idol. Just once I would like someone I know to audition. Some of my friends' kids are almost old enough. Even if they're bad, I think it would be a riot.

Be sure to let me know if you know anyone auditioning. Maybe they'll be the next winner!

This year's audition cities:
San Diego, Qualcomm Stadium, July 30, 2007
Dallas, Texas Stadium, August 6, 2007
Omaha, Qwest Center, August 10, 2007
Atlanta, Georgia Dome, August 14, 2007
Charleston, North Charleston Coliseum, August 18, 2007
Miami, American Airlines Arena, August 22, 2007
Philadelphia, Wachovia Center, August 27, 2007

Now that MMcB is living in Omaha, maybe she'll run by the Qwest Center and snap a picture of Paula, Randy or Simon. Or Ryan. It would get posted, for sure! Hope I don't have to remind her that she's too old to audition. She let that opportunity sail on by already.


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