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The Bird

Got stuck in traffic Thursday night when I was headed home for the office. I made it through Raytown and onto 435 North just in time to join red-clad fanatics headed to the Chiefs game against New Orleans.

The highway lanes to exit to the stadium require a funnel. There's also always those people that stay in the left lanes as long as they possibly can. Then they stop all other traffic as they work at nudging over to the right lanes, hoping someone will give and let them in. Often, people move up in an effort to squeeze them out.

As a result, I saw three drivers of cars shooting the bird to folks in those cars making their way from left lanes. Two of the drivers waved back in kind. I blared my horn at each of them as I finally passed their nonesense. For heaven's sake, they were delaying me effort to meet Sexy Lady and Joy for dinner.

Chiefs lost the exhibition game, 30-3. I think was the final score.


At August 24, 2007 12:23 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

wasn't that the score of a baseball game the other night? when I drive, i turn into one of those people who hate other people - people around my neck of the woods become raving idiots when they leave their houses - how else do you explain the following:

dozens of traffic accidents on the first day it snows. it's ROCHESTER people, it snows here all the freaking time.

dozens of traffic accidents when it STOPS snowing and it's sunny out. cripes.

::rant over::
Meezer Mom Mary


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