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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Blown Away

Because occasionally I can be high maintenance, I very much appreciate good customer service. And then do all I can to acknowledge the effort and show my appreciation.

Is it that much to ask to have the salsa bowl at Margarita's refilled as soon as it's empty? A server did quickly offer to change my order after I inadvertently ordered the wrong item. My mistake. Ate it anyway. It was the offer that mattered. The location on the Boulevard consistently had good service but everyone's new and learning right now. It'll get good again soon.

The tree attempts to move to the neighbor's yardIn June a storm knocked down the Bradford Pear in the back yard. I saw the dark clouds headed my direction and ran out to get stuff left in the yard earlier that Saturday afternoon. While out there I heard the cracking sound from the tree. My first thought was to try to hold it up.

Wasn't inside even two minutes before I saw the tree attempt to jump right over the fence. It's likely a good thing I wasn't under it.

Got a tree trimmer's number from my neighbor. Great guy. Showed up with two helpers. They were heavy smokers, but they got right to work and, while smoking, chopped up everything. Had it all loaded, raked and cleaned within two hours. All that even at a decent price. I gave them a little extra.

A girl at Supercuts specializes in making me handsome. I always say it's going to take more than the charge posted on the sign. Super nice, doesn't take too much off the top so that I don't feel too balding, cleans up the sides, compliments my glasses ... off I go, feeling handsome. Every guy in there gets the same do, I'm sure, but I'm certain she makes me more handsome than the rest.

A salesperson at Sears freaked when I said I didn't want a bag for one bundle of socks. "It's OK," I said. "Our policy is that every purchase must be in a bag," she declared. I asked if she would rather have the sale or make sure I had a bag. She replied she would have to lose the sale if I didn't want a bag.

Convinced a friend to meet at a Plaza spot. We sat at the bar, had drinks, ordered appetizers. Later decided to share an entree. It arrived in short time and split on separate plates. Very tasty. Ordered one more round after dinner. Magically, that last round wasn't on the check. Very nice.

My shoe dude in Westport is the best. It might be just a new heal or sole, but each time it appears like a brand new pair of shoes. He's also personable and, I think, reasonable in price. Gets things done quick too. The seamstress lady that takes out my pants each time I get fatter, she's really good too. She also doesn't suggest any diets.

People like to tell you how busy they are. So much to do, so many e-mails, work from crack of dawn until late night, and can't help with .... fill in the blank. I get angry wondering if they're implying that they think I'm not busy. Makes me want to stomp on them with my nice-looking shoes, while wearing loose-fitting pants and not messing up my good-looking do.

Not much of a complainer, though. Occasionally I'll find someone I think might let me vent. When that happens, you can bet I'll vent. Bottom line, I like motivated people who go the extra mile, remembering the special little touches, to get things done. Not just the glamour projects. Regardless of how busy.


At August 28, 2007 8:58 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

high maintenance? nah. I think you're reasonable. I'm high maintenance but I think I'm low maintenance. (I just love When Harry Met Sally, I AM Sally). I have been known to get out of bed in the middle of the night to remake it because the top sheet isn't laying just right on my toes. really. just ask the cats. - Meezer Mom Mary


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