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For The Obsessed College Fan

In just two weeks, we'll have winners and losers. The college football season will be in full swing. There are many good games the very first weekend.

Oklahoma State opens the season traveling to Athens, Georgia taking on the University of Georgia Bulldogs. It will be a tough matchup for sure. Some pollsters have UGA ranked around the No. 16-or-so-range. Many pollsters don't have my Cowboys ranked at all, more next tier of teams, while a few others do have the team ranked. However, most early predictions are that OSU could possibly win this season-opener. It's Saturday of Labor Day weekend. I can't wait.

Another way-too-early prediction on cbssportsline.com is that my Cowboys will end the season in El Paso in the Sun Bowl game played on New Year's Eve. The prediction is the opponent will be Oregon, but Cal (where my niece attends), Arizona State and UCLA also are listed as possible foes. Of course, a prediction leaves a fanatical fan like me all hopeful and excited.


At August 19, 2007 5:38 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

yep, in 2 weeks our mommy will be pouting and saying "argh, we s**k. season's over when does basketball start?" yet still get her hopes up every weekend, live and die with each score for and against. and her motto for Saturday's will once again be "Hail to Pitt". ::sigh:: - Miles


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