Wild Life Of A Little Monster

Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Springfield, U.S.A.

Years ago I watched The Simpsons. Haven't been much into them lately. I do think it would be fun to see the movie. I hear it is good for several laughs. If I recall, it did get "two thumbs up."

Came across an article in the Kansas City Business Journal that a KC-area company is the host site for the simpsonizeme website. Also saw a Simpsonized version of MMcB. Visit the site and upload a pic of yourself. Then you can do a little tweaking and end up a character fit for Springfield. I'll have to upload a pic of the little monster or Daphne. I wonder what would result.

The main website for the movie has a place where you also can create a Simpson's-like character. It's silly stuff, but fun too.


At August 12, 2007 10:27 PM, Blogger Mattingly said...

Oh Cowboy! We are so excited about the new kitty love in your life! We are extremely behind the times in our blogging lately, but we have never forgotten about you or Eponine. You are so deserving of a furry monster and this little beauty is so deserving of a home where she can be loved, nurtured, and respected. It's a match made in heaven (and so I agree with others that your pretty Eponine had a paw in this).

As for the poo, it brings back memories for my Mom. When she and my Dad found me as a skinny, starving, sick kitty, she would stress over my poo all the time. It took over a week for me to be able to make it to the box, and then, when I finally started to have formed, solid poo, she was so excited she called my Dad at work to tell him! It was months before she stopped counting and characterizing my poo. One thing that helped us is baked chicken. It was a bit rough because my Mom and Dad are veggie people (vegeterarians or something like that), but, a plain, baked chicken breast tasted yummy to me and helped to calm the system and we've gone back to it whenever Harlie or I get an upset tummy. And also it is likely that some of the vomiting is from eating too much or too quickly.

You may have already gotten this advice from others, but we wanted to try to help if we could. We wish you all the best with your new angel. And congrats on the little bean niece too!
~Purrs, Mattingly


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