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Black Magic

I'm not into fancy cars. They are nice and all. Who wouldn't want a cool BMW or some other sort of cool-looking, sleek machine of a car? For me, though, I'd only want one if it was won on The Price Is Right. Or if I won the lottery and felt like having a spare, sexy, sweet ride or two.

Until then, just a fine vehicle is good enough. One that is comfortable. I love my PT with its 100,000-plus miles. As a matter of fact, I want another one. It would be thrilling to be in a two-PT household. I can't imagine a happier garage. OK. A garage with two BMWs won on TPIR probably would be fairly happy.

And although my car is kept moderately clean, it doesn't get detailed, polished and fancied up on a regular basis. It does get maintained and runs pretty smoothly.

A member of the job's board of directors is coming to town Wednesday. He's speaking to a small group of employees. He's a former CEO of a huge foodie and has all sorts of other accolades and accomplishments. He has a great story, is an inspiration and is a board member that is admired. He's even unsuccessfully thrown his hat in political contests.

But now he's in for the treat of his life. After his talk, guess who's driving him to the airport? For whatever reason, my boss decided this board member needed a ride in Cowboy's PT. I know he's going to die when he pushes that little, silver door-handle button and hops into that captain's seat. Makes me laugh just thinking about it. I'm going to do my best to stay around the speed limit.

Vacuumed the car and wiped Daphne's nose prints off the insides of all windows. Also wiped the dust off the dash and wiped out the cubby holes and cup holders. Got rid of lottery tickets under the visor and a few old receipts. It rained all day today so didn't get a wash. I did spray some Black Magic stuff on the tires to make them look all dark and shiny.

Hope this board member is impressed. Opted not to take the Pistol Pete off the rear-view mirror, though. One can only go so far.


At September 25, 2007 9:54 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

I'm sure he would LOVE a ride in my sweet dodge dakota with 110,000 miles on it. it has not been waxed since, oh, 2002. after picking vegetables this weekend at the co-op farm, there's more dirt inside than outside. yep, I are a rednek. - Meezer Mom Mary

At September 25, 2007 10:30 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

you made me laugh!


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