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Orange Blush

If you follow sports, you might be seeing the coach at Oklahoma State making news. I knew nothing about the incident until I started receiving e-mails from friends telling me about it. By Tuesday it was making Headline News.

He went on a maniacal rant during his post-game press conference after the game against Texas Tech. I bet the air in the room was tense! His tirade was over an article written by an Oklahoma City reporter. One that many have long said is not an OSU fan and is never shy about showing her anti-OSU bias.

Although I admit I've wondered why the player mentioned wasn't playing quarterback anymore, but also found her article not useful and somewhat mean-spirited.

Watching the coach's diatribe makes me blush. I'm proud of him for sticking up for his player, but also am embarrassed. His yelling, grabbing his crotch, rambling, use of the word downgrade and lack of any emotional control for over three minutes. He doesn't appear very bright and his Oklahoma twang is so very evident. An example that we should work on getting Americans to learn to speak English.

I do wish he would have used the post-game press conference to at least congratulate the team on their awesome effort and then go into his rant. Regardless, because I am loyal and true to my alma mater, I support him. I think he is a good guy. I hope. And I hope all works out OK ....LAHOMA, Oklahoma ..... STATE!


At September 25, 2007 9:19 PM, Blogger William said...

Oh please, DON'T SAY ORANGE!!


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