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All Thumbs

Right now watching Ebert and Roeper, the movie review guys. Ebert has been MIA for more than a year. He's had serious medical issues and has been unable to make a return to the show.

At first the show had guest critics. Each week a new reviewer took a turn in Ebert's chair. The guest critics were all over board, like Jay Leno and Aisha Tyler, but mostly professional movie critics. It was kind of fun discovering these various critics and hearing their opinions as they offered their up or down thumb.

The last couple weeks it has been the same guy joining Roeper. A dude named Robert Wilonsky from Texas. He seems pretty good, but I think I mostly agree with Roeper.

A month or so ago I noticed a strange lack of thumbs. Movies were discussed, but no thumbs were offered. I wondered what was up.

It seems that parent company Disney decided to pull Mr. Ebert's trademarked "thumbs up or thumbs down." Although negotiations are proceeding with Mr. Ebert and his participation with the show, anyone depending on a movie recommendation will have to do so with no thumbs.


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