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The Best Of Times

Another one of my unpublished-until-now draft posts:

This is a link to an NPR story about an independent bookstore in Los Angeles. The store, called Other Times, recently closed. Its demise was a shocker to the neighborhood.

In the story, NPR's Kenneth Turan talks about the closing of the Other Times and wonders if the same thing could start happening to independent movies.

Rainy Day Books is my bookstore of choice. Its in Fairway, Kansas. Just walking into the store truly is a unique experience. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate a Barnes and Noble or some other super nice, huge store. Have even thought about seeking a part-time job at one. But, Rainy Day really is something special.

Not too long ago saw a very good movie titled "Once." It's essentially a musical movie in that there's lots of singing as part of the story line. But not a musical at all in the "Dreamgirls" fashion. The movie's end was not at all what I expected. I saw it at the Tivoli Cinemas, one of Kansas City's best places to see a movie.


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