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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Breaking Bread In Atlanta

Wasn't able to make it to Stillwater this weekend for Homecoming. It's the first one I've missed in 10 or more years. It actually was a bit sad to me earlier this week when I accepted the fact that it would be impossible to make it all happen since I leave for Denver on Sunday for a work trip.

Having my own little reunion in that while in Denver I will visit the Wild Gang. Last in-person visit with this couple was Jan. 1, 1996 in New York's Times Square. I actually went to high school with Wild Wife. She's my only high school chum with which I keep in touch. They have two sons. I can't wait to meet them!

Including pics from the Atlanta reunion with a college friend, Sheri. The Atlanta trip was in early October. Our meal was at a fantastic Mexican place in a new development, Atlantic Station. The guaucomole was made table side and was worth every bit of $12. Very tasty. And the mole chicken enchiladas .... oh my yummy. No question that the pomegranate margaritas were good! The best part, though, was catching up with Sheri.


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