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Driving Along

Taking the bigwig to the airport went fine the other day. I think he intended to check his blackberry, make some calls while on our 30-minute-or-so ride. With this cowboy, though, it wasn't going to happen. I talked to him and asked him questions the entire way.

In his presentation to co-workers and me, he mentioned three (all good speakers have three, don't they) important points that all of us need:
- something to do,
- something to hope for,
- someone to love.

In the car ride I told him that currently the second one was my biggest struggle. I'm not certain what to hope for right now. Work is so confusing and in much transition. It makes things a little nutty. It's a downer.

I also told him that I appreciated that he said "someone to love" and not "someone that loves us." I believe the two go together, but loving someone else first is the right and helathy way to make it happen.

Me gabbing away with him likely worked his nerves more than tooling around in the PT ever did. And just like that, he was headed to the airport terminal and I was on my way back to the more work activities.


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