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Tulsa Town

Was in Tulsa the last few days for work. It's nice "going home" and getting to stay at a swanky hotel on the J-O-B's nickel while there. I did get to jot over to Mom's. I had planned to go out but she decided I needed to enjoy a home-cooked meal. It was tasty.

I drove to Tulsa and back. A co-worker and a former co-worker now at a different company traveled with me. Small world ... as that former co-worker and I visited he mentioned he grew up in Tulsa. That led to talk about high schools and "do you knows?" Eventually we put it together that we know each other. We were Tulsa County 4-H'ers.

The look on my face was classic when it finally donned on me. Funny that I worked with him for four years and never knew that I know him. We've known each other since we were in our teens! We ended up "catching up" and talking about all our different folks in common.

He's an engineer and a race-car enthusiast. On the way home, he noted that I am an "early apexer." I replied that I'd rather be that than a premature ..... apexer. :)

I don't care how long he's known me, no one has any business criticizing my driving. :) Hey, I did both trips without once honking, getting honked at, going down the wrong way on a one way, or going over 90.


At October 12, 2007 11:01 PM, Blogger Derby said...

Mum says that unless you are racing, where you apex is immaterial. Driving on the streets is not a race. Mum knows as she plays with racecars.

Purrs to Gabby.

At October 13, 2007 5:44 PM, Anonymous cowboy said...

I feel better already!


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