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A Cowboy In Town

Monday night Garth Brooks started a series of nine concerts here in Kansas City. He hasn't toured in almost a decade but is doing these concerts to help Kansas City introduce its new arena, the Sprint Center. (At least that's the current name. You know how naming rights go these days.)

Garth is an Oklahoma State grad. I saw him in concert in 1990 at the Wyandotte County Fair. It was one of those flukes where he was booked before he got famous. But by the time the county fair rolled along, he was in big demand. He likely could have cancelled. The show went on!

For the around 160,000 people with a ticket to the nine concerts the next several days, I bet they are going to have a great time. They'll likely be shameless with their cheers as they hang with their friends in the arena while enjoying the dance or two in the aisle and just having fun!


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