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The Day After Halloween

Cowboy's lawn on Halloween nightI worked from home the morning after Halloween. Had meetings and other things at a work location closer to my home, so I decided to not trek all over town. Just about 9 a.m. exactly, the home phone rang. Almost certain it would be a telemarketer, but I couldn't resist answering it.

Tony Bennett. Seriously. It was Tony himself calling me to let me know which KC radio station had launched their holiday music extraganza. Nonstop holiday music beginning November One through Christmas Day.

Gabrielle wondering what I'm doing outsideSo I tuned in. It's fun to sing along in the car when you know no one is listening and few are staring. I do my best to hit the high notes but have no witnesses to confirm the effort. One can only handle so much of the holiday favorites and classics, though. I'm just almost sick of them. And it's not even December yet. :)

Gabby and I had a great Halloween. There were so many monsters coming to the door I literally had perspiration rolling down my back from all my activity. Should have just sat out on the stoop. Then the Gabster would have totally been peering out the door wondering what was happening.

Gabby checking out the trick-or-treatersShe enjoyed the folks stopping by. We had one very young, maybe four or five, Asian boy try to walk into the house. I said, "Hold on. Where are you going?" He said, "I like your cat." Gabby smiled.

At night's end, I counted about 183. The neighbor said there were over 200. There were tons, that's for sure. I didn't really even mind the older kids not in costume. They all were respectful and appreciative. My hope is they won't forget the home with good candy and treats. Maybe then they'll offer to rake my leaves when I'm old and feeble. In otherwords, next year. :)

The homage to turkeys has been on display the last few weeks. But now it's time for the Christmas crap. Angels and Santas and Nativities. Oh my! I'm anxious to see how Gabster will handle all the potential play things.


At November 26, 2007 8:40 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

oh we bet that Gabby will LOVE chrissymas!


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