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Needing To Catch Up

Must do some back blogging ... must do some back blogging. I figure if I keep chanting it to myself, maybe I'll actually get around to doing it.

The Artist, The Wife and her friend Robin came to this Cowboy's home this past Saturday. The Wife and friend actually arrived in KC Friday morning for their annual KC trip to knock out all of their Christmas shopping but they spent the night at a hotel near "the mall."

Their volume of shopping bags was obscenely absurd. At least they have essentially all their holiday shopping completed and the KC economy is a bit better.

Saturday I picked up The Artist from the airport and toted him to an OSU watch party with other alums. For some strange reason OSU alumni like to gather in one spot to watch us lose to Texas in football. The team especially likes to provide us with "get-way-ahead-and-then-watch-us-lose-it-all-in-the-waning-moments" type of games. Always lots of fun.

The Gabarino handled this first big round of visitors very well. Reserved at times and at other times had no problem making her presence aware. Especially around 4:30 a.m. while we were all snoring. Except for the Gabster.

Sunday all dispersed but in my errand running I treated myself with some Schramwiches. That made everything better and it included a tasty chicken salad sandwich. The kids were very proud of their basement-cleaning effort and had to show it off to me. Plus, I was given some pics and some great stories El wrote for school that mentioned visits by the Cowboy.

It all made me smile and it seemed to make the sun shine a little brighter that day.


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