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The Best Voice Mail

The Wild Wife and The Wild Husband are flight attendants. On 9/11, I worried myself sick about the two of them. When I finally was able to get through to their home phone, I was greeted by a home answering machine recording that let everyone know they were sad, safe and sorting through everything.

In October while in Denver, I asked about their whereabouts on that day. Wild Wife says she was commuting to her work flight that would be leaving from LAX. She was lucky that her flight returned to Denver and she didn't end up stranded anywhere. Wild Husband was at home with their boys.

I recall that Schramwich told me he was attending a conference in New Orleans. When it was determined that there would be no flights, a bunch of the conference attendees rented buses in order to get home.

"Hello. I'm not dead. Call me back."

MMcB left me this voice mail Wednesday night. She's living in Omaha and strangely there was a shooting in a shopping mall there. Just last week she and I talked about that Westroads Mall and the Von Mauer store. Based on that conversation, I was reasonably confident she wouldn't be at the mall. Besides, a high-powered lawyer for a foodie like her would never leave work mid-day just to shop. Unless the folks at Tiffany called.

Her voice mail was the best kind to receive. We always pray our loved ones are not at the wrong place and the wrong time, are very thankful when they are not, and have to hope for peace and comfort for those who experience such tragic loss.


At December 09, 2007 7:26 PM, Blogger William said...

That was nice of your friend to let you know she was OK.

At December 10, 2007 2:34 AM, Blogger Meg said...

I like to make sure I'm using an economy of words while at the same time letting you know you're the bestest. : )


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