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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Happy Campers

Ry turns on the waterworksJake makes it clear that he's not happy

When kids are sad, unhappy or just don't get their way, they usually don't waste one second to share their plight. It's all about the drama. Hmmmm ... that actually sounds like some adults with whom I've worked. Mostly the Blind Ladies (that's a code name, not actual blind ladies) and a few legal secretaries.

Tasty orangesThe night out with the Schrammmies detailed in a prior post was not drama free at all. There certainly were moments of unhappiness and one timeout. Mostly serious matters like settling on water instead of Sprite, thinking the soup was icky, playing too crazy with chopsticks (it's all fun until someone gets poked in the eye) or not getting to sit by me. :) J's evening was ruined because he felt he wasn't in the prime seat location for shrimp catching. We eventually solved it with some seat shuffling.

Despite the tumultous times, the evening was splendid. Being the Cowboy that I am, ending the meal was some tasty oranges made it even more perfect. My theory is that any event that ends with something orange is perfect!

What else can make everything better? For El, it's the shiny rocks in her rock collection. She was so proud to show it to me. She announced a goal to name each of her rocks. I suggested she start with A and go through the alphabet. For many adults, a martini has a unique way of doing the trick.

El's rock collectionA Sake martini


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