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Slipping And Sliding

Daph was supposed to go home Monday night, but the Sexy Lady is stuck in the state of Washington. Most flights in or out of Kansas City's airport have been cancelled. We're getting hit with an ice storm.

Slipped while retrieving the mail. My block's mail box unit is across the street. With the mass force of my girth plunging to the pavement, it is amazing I didn't break a bone. Just barely made contact with the ground actually. Didn't even shout an expletive during the process. Very proud of that fact.

Visited with VMc and his mom, JMc, this evening. Also talked to Macy, the eight-year-old. Her questions from the updates her cousin O provided made me laugh. ... "O said you have a new kitty....O told me you have a trundle bed....O said you made pancakes that were all different colors." All true. Well, it's a sofa sleeper. Also talked to MMcB and the North Carolina sis.

I asked Macy what she wanted for Christmas. "Anything you might think I would like because I can't really make up my mind," she replied.

Stayed up until 2:30 Sunday night/Monday morn. Anticipating the Feds arrival on Monday, I was a nervous wreck and couldn't relax enough to sleep. Did laundry, worked on Christmas cards, paid bills and completed a few other tasks instead. Gabby and Daph followed me throughout the house as I worked on various tasks, just to promptly find a place to snooze if I was stationary for any amount of time. Normally as close to me as possible.

Nice enough people, but I half hoped the plane carrying the Feds to town would skid off the runway. I didn't want them maimed. Maybe just knocked unconscious for a few days. No go. They arrived and Monday was spent in meetings and progressing through stuff that Feds require folks to do when they come to visit. More of the same is on the week's agenda.


At December 12, 2007 7:17 PM, Blogger William said...

My mom has similar fantasies when the feds visit her company but we don't get a whole lot of tricky weather. Anyway, we're glad you didn't get too banged up with your mail grab! I hope it was at least more than bills in the haul.


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