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Thanksgiving Pancakes

Another draft post finally coming to life. Am I the only blogger that has about 15 to 20 draft posts? Surely not.

I get an idea and start to write, or upload pics intending to detail the excursion, or create a headline in order to capture a memory (only to totally forget what I meant to write about it), and then they all just sit in the bank. Drafts. Waiting to go live. For the "publish post" button to get clicked. Or deleted forever.

These pics are from Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The Artist, The Wife, O and Mad spent the night before hitting the road for Moberly, Missouri to visit other family for Thanksgiving. Our goal on this morning was to make wheat pancakes that look like the fall leaves. It required many bowls, lots of pancake batter, and much experimentation with the food color bottles. Of course, everyone said the orange pancakes tasted the best.

As has become our tradition, I saw them all again on Sunday on their way back to Oklahoma. We had breakfast at MMcB's favorite, Classic Cookie in Waldo, and then enjoyed fun times in Crown Center. That included singing Christmas carols and "Oklahoma" in the parking garage under The Westin. It's surprising how much better your voice sounds when it is echoing through a parking garage. fyi, the echo is not as good in the Crown Center garage.


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