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January 1, 2008

Just watched the University of Missouri Tigers beat Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl. Although I don't enjoy watching blowouts, it was fun to catch some of the action while dismantling Christmas decorations.

I am proud of MU. One, I have a bunch of friends (including MMcB) that are MU grads or fans. Two, it is the only Division 1 football program in the state I live. I also like their coach and their star running back played high school ball here. Seeing MU do well also gives me hope that it can happen to anyone. Maybe even Oklahoma State.

Just a few years ago I attended our Cotton Bowl game. It was a fantastic time and is a great memory. If only we had beat the Eli Manning-led Ole Miss team.

Switching to the present ... in a New Year's Eve contest, my Cowboys beat Indiana 49-33 in the Insight Bowl. The game was in Tempe. The team finished with 7 wins, 6 losses, the same record as last year. Somehow last year there was some momentum with our bowl win. This win, to me, feels like we were trying to salvage the season. There's always next season and MU just proved you never know how far it might go!

And, there's always a new year. I can't believe that it's already been a week since I was traveling across Oklahoma celebrating Christmas. Then just like that it is 2008.

I end the year learning that in my company's evolution, there's a spot still for me. That was reason to celebrate. I also picked out some new specs at Optical Innovations in Westport. Successfully consuming flex spending money (without buying boxes of items that would go unused) is always a reason to smile. On Dec. 31 I had a great dinner at Margarita's and rang in the celebration with Daphne and Gabby. Very nice.

I am excited about 2008 and all that might be around the corner. Challenges and successes. I just hope the latter far outnumbers the former. Here's to wishing for the same for you!


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