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Tasty Eats In Morrison

Soft tacos, why pick? One chicken and one beef!A yummy platter
Here's the last set of photos from the October 2006 trip to Denver. Hope you've enjoyed.

As we left the Red Rocks area, we took a route that took us through Morrison, Colorado. It wasn't an accidental route. The Wild Wife had decided we would stop at a Mexican place for dinner.

An extra pitcher of margaritas almost was warranted!By golly, folks, it was mighty-fine tasty. Everything about this dinner was tremendous. I'm salivating thinking about it. If you ever find yourself in the Denver area, rent a car, pay a taxi, do whatever it takes to get to this place. I don't even know the name of it. But it is the only awesome Mexican place in Morrison!

The Wild Wife has known me longer than any of my friends. Seriously, we trace our roots to first grade in Collinsville, Oklahoma. Since then, there have been many little monsters (dogs and cats), car crashes, typing tests, loves and loves lost, celebrations and victories, losses and sadness, and smiles knowing we have each other as friends.

Wild Wife and a Wild Son make a new friend.Considering it had been 11 years since I last saw the Wild Wife and Wild Husband (and had never met the Wild Boys until now), they likely deserve all this attention from me. I very much regret I hadn't been there before now. The 36-hour visit I spent with them truly was one of the highlights of my 2007.


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