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Things Tackled

Crawled out of bed Saturday morning fully focused on getting things done. Although I was groggy and really preferred to lounge around and watch television, I showered and got the engine started in order to get out and tackle.

First stop, Petco. Why? It houses a DMV in it. Seriously. Got my new driver's license. Incidentally, it expired on the day in December that I celebrated. However, it never once crossed my mind until I went to the bank to complete a transaction and the teller mentioned it to me.

I agreed to allowing them to put a new weight on the DL. Although still not truthful, it is 15 pounds higher than the old one. I remember a measley 13 years ago when the DL weight was 30 pounds more than reality. Seriously. The roller coaster my waist size has been on is an amazing one! Now hoping it's on the steep downhill part.

Grabbed some of those 9 Lives and Friskies dinners that are gluten free while there. Also got a Hunakkah dog toy for MMcB's Boyz. It was 75 percent off. I couldn't resist. Hadn't ever seen a HunakKah dog toy before. I'm sure The Boyz will destroy it the same as any other toy.

Next traveled to the bank in Mission, Kansas. I don't bank there, but the KC Cowboys alumni chapter does. The goal was to get others on the account as I work to transition out of any duties. It was a clerk there that noticed the expired DL. Thus, it was my second trip in as many Saturdays to the bank. It was fun showing the new DL. No one asked if the weight is a lie.

Jiffy Lube and an oil change was the next item on the list. I never quite understand why it is so hard to say no to the offer of an engine flush, transmission wash, air filter change and super-duper-awesome package that will make the car run better than anything. The guy said, "I just got this done on my wife's car and she swears by it." I appreciated the offer but said no this time.

Visited the post office in Union Station next. In addition to mailing a few items, purchased some awesome Super Heroes stamps and some Disney Magic stamps. Even took a few minutes to walk around the place and check out the sites and the people.

Got home just in time to watch my Cowboys open the conference schedule with a home win over Texas Tech. That was nice. And it's alway fun to see the home court and OSU's campus. The team is not that good this year. We even lost to Pitt. :) That's really just a shout out to some cool cats.

Getting much tackled at home Saturday evening. It's great seeing all the check marks on the to-do list.


At January 12, 2008 9:31 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

mommy says to tell you this:

and then she said "holy crap, now we're ranked 20th, there goes the season!"
well, at least her b-ball team is better than her football team.
Just wait till march madness - those panthers will prolly get a 3 seed and lose in the 2nd round. HHAHAHAHAHHAHA.
and now she's singing Hail to Pitt like a sick cow. Thanks Cowboy!



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