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Sort of vanished, didn't I? Not certain what happened. Last week did zoom by. It included a night with the Schramwiches, Valentine candy hearts at work, lots of meetings, deadlines, work tasks and things accomplished at home. Plus, so far it seems like we've had the winter that won't end. Warm one day, rain the next, snow the next, hits super-cold the next and then repeats the cycle.

Now am up against a huge deadline with the Feds. Also will be traveling some in the middle of it all. It never fails. Everything always happens at the same time.

As for some random thoughts ...

Yes, the dude from Tulsa/Blue Springs, Mo. made the top 12 guys on American Idol. Plus, a girl from Tulsa made it and a young lady from Joplin. I feel like my part of the world is well represented. Also found the following two links to spoilers, telling us who the top 24 were/are. The sites provide some really interesting background info about the contestants: About the top 12 girls, and about the top 12 boys.

As you contemplate your favorites, here's a link to a presidential survey on the Minnesota Public Radio site. Issues are presented with several options to select as your preference. After completing the survey, the results help to guide you as to which presidential candidate with whom you mostly closely match. My results surprised me.

Glad the writer's strike is over. Hope it is the best resolution for all involved. Anxious for some new episodes to eventually land on the tube.


At February 19, 2008 3:16 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

oh cool - we will haf to watch AI this week.


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