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Random Thoughts On Feb. 1, 2008

With my pick the other day, I may have jinxed KU. Wednesday night they lost at K-State. First loss to KSU in 20-some years. The K-State fans were pumped that "The Streak" had ended. "Being there" at a moment like that, whatever it might be, always is thrilling!

Maybe this win is a sign of the tide changing. Watch. Maybe the state of Kansas will vote for a Democrat for U.S. President. The state hasn't done so since 1964.

Snowed in Kansas City on Tuesday. It was supposed to again Thursday, but it hit just to our west. We've been snow-covered it seems for quite awhile. I'm still enjoying it, but will welcome Spring. The groundhog takes a peek Saturday.

There was a link on YouTube to David Cook's audition going around at work. Just go to YouTube and search "David Cook American Idol audition" to see it. He's a rocker type. Seems like a nice guy. I remind you, he grew up in the Kansas City area but now lives in Oklahoma. Can't go wrong with that combination! :) Oh. Also go to Google and search "American Idol Top 24." The word that he's in the top 24 is all over the Internet.

President Bush arrived in Kansas City Thursday night. On Friday he is touring Hallmark (headquartered here) and giving a speech on the economy. Later in the day he is attending an event for my U.S. representative, Sam Graves. I'd love to be there, but 1) it's like $5,000 a plate, and 2) I'm not invited.

The Hall family from Hallmark are staunch Republicans. So, I'm not shocked he's going there. Especially two weeks before a card-sending holiday.

Over my years in KC I've had an opportunity to meet Don Hall, Sr., and his wife Adele. I've even had dinner (not at $5,000) in their home. They are two of the neatest, kindest, coolest people. The two have done more than any other Kansas Citians to impact and influence, not just by donations, of our local United Way, children's hospital and other charitable programs. Not to mention the economy of our area with Hallmark and other ventures.

The company is led now by their son. Funny, not too long ago I was at my favorite Mexican-food place in KC, Margaritas, and I saw Don, Jr. having dinner with his son.


At February 01, 2008 12:05 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

it's nice to hear about rich folks doing great things for their hometowns. out here, the Wegman family, owner of the supermarket chain Wegmans, has donated tens of millions of dollars to the catholic dioceses for schools (and yet 13 of them still have to close) and to St John Fisher college for brand new nursing and pharmacy schools. and then there's Tom Golisano, billionaire founder of Paychex who pratcially owns Strong Hospital, the childrens's hospital and the center for disabled children (and the buffalo sabres). we are blessed that we have such great citizens. I just wish that they would create more jobs at their companies. - Meezer Mom


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