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Snowed Over

It's snowing hard in Kansas City. Heard a prediction earlier on Tuesday that it could keep falling through noon on Wednesday. Accumulation is expected to reach around 10 inches.

Just glanced out the back door to see the snow. At just past midnight there's already an inch or two. Saw four deer making their way across the yards. One at a time they hopped over the neighbor's fence to the north, walked across my yard, and then hopped over the fence to the south. One appeared to have horns. I ran to get the camera, of course.

About 10:30ish Tuesday evening, ABC, the Associated Press and other media outlets declared Missouri for Mrs. Clinton. I went online to see the final tally. On the Kansas City paper's website, there was the check mark next to Hillary's name declaring her the winner.

Looked back at the site about an hour later and the check was gone!

Mr. Obama won by 10,356 votes. He had 49.2 percent to Hillary's 48 percent. John Edwards had almost 17,000 votes or 2 percent. John McCain beat Mike Huckabee by 8,681 votes. John had 33 percent, Mike had 31.5 percent, and Mitt had 29.3 percent.

In my county, Hillary won by 3,553 votes. Mitt won by 418 votes. More than 1.4 million people voted in Missouri. Wow!


At February 06, 2008 3:50 AM, Anonymous Heidi said...

I've never been so frustrated NOT to be in the U.S. My vote finally counts!

Granted, I most CERTAINLY will be voting by absentee ballot when the time comes, but it would be nice to support Mr. Obama prior to him (hopefully) getting the Dem. nomination. (Sorry Hilary fans, she's just a super-bitch and I can't justify having a super-bitch as president, even if she IS a woman.)

At February 06, 2008 9:34 AM, Anonymous eponine's cowboy said...

Is this Heidi as in AJ and Meg's Heidi?

At February 06, 2008 10:40 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

I was so excited watching CNN last night. I was so excited that so many people got out to vote. My mom dragged herself out of the house to vote (democrat) but my dad did not - he is psychologically a democrat but registered Republican, so he chose not to vote because he doesn't like any of the republicans. I really need to get him to change his party affiliation before the general election. I was almost upset that I could not vote in the primary. Almost. I really just wanted to socialize at the town hall where the voting was. hee hee - Mary


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