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That Oklahoma Connection

Have mentioned in prior posts my fascination with Kristin Chenoweth and how much I enjoy "Pushing Daisies," the show she's on. It airs (once the writer's strike ends) on ABC. Then after watching several episodes, I discovered that one of the characters is Ellen Greene. She's another fave, but somehow I did not initially recognize her on this show.

In a recent "Parade" magazine that arrives in my Sunday paper, Lee Pace was the week's featured celebrity. He's the "leading man" on "Daisies." Here's a link to his story (with some bonus pics) on Parade's site. Reading it, I discovered that this 28-year-old actor was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma. "No way!" I said to myself.

Chickasha (pronounced chick-u-shay) is fairly small. Not too far from Oklahoma City. There is a small college there. And I guess a hospital that delivers babies. Lee's bio indicates his family moved all over the world. His dad was an oilman. I bet he likely ended up actually spending very little time there. Regardless, he's an Okie!

By the way, I was born in Texas. But my heart makes me an Oklahoman.

Still no Oklahoma quarter. I know they are out there. Circulating. Exchanging hands. Dropping into vending machines. Buying sodas, newspapers, candy bars, gum, time in a parking meter, among many other things. One's headed my direction. I'm certain of it.


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