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Update On The Bus

Forgot to also mention the "Extreme Home Makeover" episode. It was a tear jerker! A great story. But, I did feel like I had lots of questions afterward. Like ... Where is his ex-wife? Why does he have so many tatoos? Why was he living in such a rickety home? Why did he always wear shorts?

From the episode, he seems like a good dad. And a good person. I hope the new home is the beginning of something exciting for him and his family. I plan to do a drive-by sometime soon and take a look at the place.

Heard on the news that the Kansas City area is the only metro area that has had three visits by Ty and the gang.

Did you see the episode this past weekend with the young man that attends Louisville University. Fascinating story. Very neat family. It made me want to visit Louisville!

Speaking of colleges, my heart goes out to the students and the university community at Northern Illinois University.


At February 19, 2008 3:14 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

the EM:HE edition made me cry too. My impression was that after he came home with his injuries his wife could not deal with it and bailed on him and the children. Honestly, I hope he finds a wonderful partner and mother for his kids.
The tattoos. well, he was a Marine. I have never known a Marine with less than 3 tattoos. Maybe that's just the Marines I happened to have met.
My heart just aches for those kids at NIU.

Meezer Mom Mary

At February 19, 2008 9:22 PM, Blogger Lone Star Purrs said...

The Marines that i know also have multiple tats. (but then, so do I). I was crying by the end of the episode as well. I wondered about the ex....sounds like he's better off w/o her. But usually the mom takes the kiddos?

I know that Colorado Springs has had Ty visit at least twice. One was while we were there.

~LSP Momma Becca


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