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Please Tell Me No

In Oklahoma City for a special event. Arrived here after stopping by the Tulsa area to grab the Mom. We went to dinner this evening with friends at Cattlemen's Steakhouse. Very, very good. No pics, though.

While traveling from dinner to the hotel, called Shelly L. for an American Idol update. She tells me my favorite David Hernandez was eliminated. No way! I really thought he would advance further. Oh well.

The David Cook fever is mounting in the Kansas City area. T-shirts, yard signs, watch parties. All the excitement for him will be competing this weekend with the Big 12 Basketball Tournament. The men's action starts Thursday. Oklahoma State, as a matter of fact, against Texas Tech in the opening game. The Oklahoma State women won today. The women have had a good season and ranked, while our men have been mediocre to icky at best. I'm hoping they win Thursday so that I can see them play Friday.

The Schramwich Wife called Wednesday night with free tickets to Thursday's OSU-TT game, also asking me to the Schramwich boys. I'm sad I won't be there to take them. But, I am in OKC for a truly special occasion. I'm attending an event where my 80-year-old mom is winning an award! I'm so excited and proud of her. You'd think she had just won American Idol.


At March 13, 2008 8:51 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

yay for Cowboy'sMom winning an award!!! WOO HOOO!!!

good luck to the Cowboys in their tournament. Our bigcats winned their game Wednesday. we is keeping our pawsies crossed for bof teams!


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