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Something's Gotta Give

For those of you following the NCAA Tournament, on Sunday the University of Kansas Jayhawks finished the final piece of the puzzle. They beat Davidson by two points to win the Midwest Regional.

That means four No. 1 seeds are in the Final Four for the first time in modern tournament history. Davidson was a No. 10 seed, which a No. 10-seeded team has never made the Final Four. Several have come close. For a moment, it looked like it might occur. However, the 'Hawks pulled it out in the end.

It was exciting to watch. Considering all the other games in the regionals semis and finals have been a bore, I didn't even tune in until almost halftime.

With CBS shortening the school's name to David on the score tickler at the bottom of the screen, it totally felt like "Goliath v. David." And Davidson had a chance to knock out KU, but their 3-point shot didn't hit as the final buzzer sounded.

In my prognostication effort, I only got two of the four teams right. My overall effort was very lame.


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