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Stand Alone

Can't totally remember it, but I think the little saying in my high school graduation announcements was along the line of "We make this last stand together before we stand alone." Or make it said walk alone. I can't remember.

There's been lots of going away parties for folks at work. Although I love the socializing and hanging out in a very casual environment with co-workers, especially some that I am very close to, it does get a little sad to have to see them go. Even when they are going on to something bigger and better for their lives and current situations.

And because my workplace is going through some transition, I am on a team assigned with a task to prepare a final party. Thank goodness the team is a group that knows how to fun. We especially know how to have fun during our team meetings. That's very key to organizing a great event for everyone else. We had a meeting Wednesday that was one of the best meetings I've attended in recent memory. Got much accomplished, was inspired to volunteer for tasks, and had tons of fun.

All that said, it still is a little sad to have to plan the party. It'll be kind of a graduation/funeral rolled into one.


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