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Now You Know!

Did you know the main color for all four teams in this year's Final Four is blue? I can just imagine what San Antonio's River Walk has looked like the last few days. Lord knows it was oranger than orange just four short years ago when Oklahoma State was in San Antonio for the Final Four. If only we had won.

Chapman turned four last week. He is VMc and RMc's son. He was born 04/04/04 the year OSU went to the Final Four. A year later is when my father passed away.

Maybe I should be a gamer! Kansas won. But maybe one right game doesn't make a person an expert prognosticator. It was in overtime, but KU pulled out the victory. A darn exciting game. I feel sorry for Memphis, but am pleased for the Jayhawks.

As the Final Four ends it's a good reminder that the clock is ticking toward the tax deadline. April 15. Tuesday of next week. And if you are eligible to receive a stimulus check from the government a 2007 return must be filed to receive those dollars.

Don't forget that if you have an adjusted gross income less than $54,000 annually, you can file electronically for free. Here's a link to the IRS site with more details about the free filings.

Also check out the Earned Income Tax Credit on the IRS site. There's a handy EITC Assistant to aid you in determining if you qualify for this tax credit and for how much. There's even an AMT Assistant in case you are concern you might fall into that area.


At April 08, 2008 10:30 PM, Blogger William said...

After doing taxes and then dawdling with mailing them, I finally talked Mom into just filing online. We had to pay because my mom is an old bat. But she swore it didn't come out of the toy fund.


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