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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Random Thoughts On April 2-3

Just noticed that my computer clock is at Central Time. It's Thursday back home. I get home late tonight. Wahoo!

I wonder if Gabby is walking around meowing. Maybe she's looking for me. The other day I hid in the closet and watched her hop up on the bed, go to my bathroom, leave the room and come back looking for me. Meowing the whole time. Sexy Lady doesn't know it yet, but on my next trip Gabby mentioned she might want to go stay with Daphne. Ep was very content alone. I suspect that it gives Gabby some anxiety.

On my walk to dinner in Reno Wednesday night I passed the National Automobile Museum. Wish I had known it was there. A visit for sure would have been warranted. Maybe next time.

I haven't spent a single dollar in the casino while in Reno. Don't care to lose the money. But I could go home with some extra stash if I gave it a whirl. Hmmmm? What should a cowboy do?

While eating dinner I caught some of the Dallas Mavericks-Golden State Warriors game. I thought the dudes looked old and silly running around the court in their baggy shorts, tennis shoes and tanks. I don't watch the NBA at all. But I sure love college ball.

Had a room-mate, good friend in college, that was an avid NBA fan. Daniel. Very good guy. If my memory serves me well, he was from Waurika, Oklahoma. Although I long lost contact with him, I have kept in touch with his college love. Jane. She lives in LA. I sent her an e-mail a minute ago to say hello.


At April 03, 2008 7:16 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

mommy thinks that basketball players look silly in those baggy shorts too. at least the shorts is not pulled down to their knees wif their underwear showing

At April 03, 2008 10:29 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

Gabby is welcome ANYTIME at our home however it would need to be at a time Army Boy is around so he can do the litter box thing... doc says that's a NO NO right now! ;) Where are you traveling to?


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