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Random Thoughts On April 21, 2008

Staying in a hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. Just had a fantastic dinner at Cattleman's with The Artist and the family. Some good eats. Not only was the food out-of-sight good, the company was beyond comparison. A fantastic memory.

It's somewhat strange being here knowing that 13 years ago on April 19 a bomb was detonated just a few blocks from where I am now. It changed Oklahoma forever.

After work meetings and before dinner, I walked to the Oklahoma City National Memorial. Although I've visited the memorial many times, it's still emotional to me. The "perfect" memorial I think is tough. The Oklahoma City one is very close. I took some pics that I will down load later.

Co-workers sometimes make me feel like they think I'm crazy when I say I am more worried about the impact Kansans have on my day-to-day livelihood than I am someone from some Middle-Eastern country or something else. The politics, economy, people just over the state line in the Kansas City area influence so much of what happens in Kansas City. What gets funded and what doesn't. And I will never forget one fanatical Kansan who traveled to Oklahoma and killed 168 people.

April 19, 1995.

There's a tornado watch for Central Oklahoma. I wonder if it is safer to be on a higher or lower floor of a hotel during a tornado.

When I got to my hotel room Monday night I turned on the tube. Caught the tail end of "Deal or No Deal." Not a show I often catch. But it sure did make me smile watching these folks leave with some nice green! Thousands of dollars for picking the right number.

Did you know the Pope is a cat lover. Seriously. I read it in The New York Times. It's a nice story. And I'm not Catholic. However, The Artist is considering converting.

Tuesday is Earth Day.

Did you know you can make movies on the Webkinz website? That is an interesting bit of knowledge I learned this weekend. Learned tons more stuff Monday. But it was all job related. Nothing focusing on the newest toy trend.

I am exhausted. Hoping to be snoozing shortly.


At April 22, 2008 7:43 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

Happy Earth Day Cowboy!

The other one was a fanatical guy from Buffalo. You never know where they will come from.


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