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New Local Guy

Flipping through channels Monday night, I stopped and went back to the ABC station I had just passed. I thought I recognized a dude on that "Bachelorette" show. I flipped over to "Truman" on PBS, but kept hopping back to ABC.

I kept thinking, "I know I know that guy."

During her presentation of roses she said, "Ron ...."

Yep. I know him. Small world. Haven't seen him in about four years. I actually haven't seen him since he got a divorce. Although I have seen his ex and even went to lunch with her once. I didn't see her at a recent United Way function, but I did see her in post-event pics.

I digress. Surely he won't win. An all-around good guy, but from what I remember of him, I just don't see him falling in love on a television show. You never know, though! I wish him the best.


At May 28, 2008 9:28 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

"Ron" is not representing Kansas City very well... or I should say acting like a good ole Mid Western Boy which he should be! He's whiney and appears to be very needy! Not to mention he provokes drama. I predict he won't last long.


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