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Random Thoughts On May 26, 2008

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was relaxing and enjoyable. It rained hard Sunday night/Monday morning and then proceeded to steam up as the day went along.

Ran out to visit the Memorial Gardens and placed some flowers on Eponine's grave. The place really is so peaceful. A true "cat lady" approached me asking "Do you have a baby here?" We had a nice visit. She has a dog and a cat there, and 12 spots reserved. She made me promise not to tell anyone how many cats she has since she's in violation of the two-cat-per-home rule for Overland Park, Kansas.

About 15 planes flew over while I was there. I wondered where everyone was coming from or going to.

My weekend was relaxing. Very enjoyable. Worked around the home and did work stuff. The job is stressing me out entirely. There's so much happening and things that must get done. The long weekend was appreciated. Tons of meetings and deadlines ahead.

Les Trois Chats' Tammara posted a comment on a prior post that sure made me smile. Thank you.

MMcB surprised me with a ticket to "Wicked" on Saturday. I had never seen this musical, but knew the music. And of course knew Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel were in the OBC. Very much enjoyed the show. Great performances. Go to see it if you have a chance.

By the way, according to "Wicked," everything we know from Mr. Baum's story is a lie. Or at least just one small window of what was really going on in Oz. The ending surprised me.

One week from Tuesday, the California Sis is coming to visit me. The older daughter (just finished her third year at Cal) and the younger daughter (nine months old) will be here too. Their arrival will keep me motivated through the next seven days!

Told a friend I'd help him complete his "Quarter Board." I searched through all my quarters. I have tons of Virginia, South Carolina, Indiana, Utah and Montana. The fewest in my pot (# I have): North Carolina (5), Georgia (4), Delaware (3) and New Jersey (2).


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