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Random Thoughts On May 5, 2008

Confessed this before, but will confess it again ... I'm an NPR junkie. And when I really need to focus on a task at work, it's great to put the head phones on, listen to NPR and knock out the work tasks. I learn a bunch too. Important stuff.

For instance, the other day I learned that researchers are working to create a methane-free cow. Seriously. A cow that doesn't break wind. In his report, Josh Kurz interviewed a dude in Australia that noticed that kangaroos don't .... um ..... fart. Even though they also eat grass just like cows. The dude wants to take the thing in the kangaroo stomach that helps them to not break wind and put that thing in cows.

Methane-free cows should help to combat global warming too!

In the report, I also learned that Brits say "meee-thane," while folks in the States pronounce the e differently. Mey. No, that's like hey. Hmmm? I don't know how to write it out phonetically. Listen to the radio story on NPR and you'll hear it.

When I catch "Dancing with the Stars" on Monday nights it makes me smile. It's really silly. The clothes the guys wear are a riot.

The first few days after mowing my lawn, I really like pulling into my driveway. Each time I come home I just pull in to the abode taking a long look at the lawn. It's the simple things.

There was severe weather in my 'hood last week. The tornado sirens were sounding. I ran outside with my camera to get a pic for you. Saw nothing. Next time. Some folks just a few miles north of me weren't as lucky. That's too bad.

I can't believe that horse broke its ankles and was euthanized at the Kentucky Derby. Made me sad.

Oklahoma State's men's and women's golf teams won the Big 12 Championships. They actually dominated the recent competition.

Today is Cinco de Mayo. Hope you celebrated with a taco and a tasty margarita.

I got an MRI done this past Friday. In the films it appears that I do in fact have a brain in there. That is good news. I'll be taking them to my regular doctor in the next week or so to get further updates.

It would be cool if someone could create some methane-free humans. What do you think?


At May 06, 2008 7:55 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

or methane free kittens!

Cowboy, is you ok? MRI's is scairty. we will purr that efurrything is ok wif you!

At May 09, 2008 1:35 PM, Blogger Eponine's Cowboy said...

Meant to reply and kept forgetting.... yes, all is fine. Something I think is minor. The doc just wanted the MRI as precautionary. My follow-up with him is soon.


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