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Random Thoughts On June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day! Regardless on if you're a dad, I hope you have a great day. Sadly, many dads come short of being a "good dad." Many others have a way of raising the bar. I'm very proud that many of my friends are the latter. Without fathers none of us would be here. We must be thankful for that.

I attend the church of Sunday-morning political news shows. I watch them all, flipping from CBS, NBC, then ABC and finally PBS. That's the routine. Tim Russert will be missed.

I'm feeling lonely. Not depressed lonely. Just a withdrawal. A week ago today I had five guests in my home ... Mom, brother, sister, older niece, baby niece ... today it's just Gabby and Daphne. They all left in stages over the last week. And not one has called, sent a text or e-mail since.

The Artist and his family stopped by Friday night, with an early Saturday departure. That was a nice transition. The Artist and The Wife return tonight, as does Daphne's folks. Then Thursday I get O and Mad.

We've had some huge rainstorms the past month or so. The grass and everything is growing, growing, growing. Looks very nice.

I plan on posting a few pics of the last several weeks.


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