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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Rug Doctor

My sister and two nieces arrive to Kansas City Tuesday night. Actually, Wednesday morning for me, since the arrival time is scheduled for just after midnight. They'll likely will be on Pacific Coast time, though, so it'll be Tuesday for them.

I can't wait to see them! It's been three years since I've seen this sis and niece and first time to meet the new one.

Rented a carpet-cleaning device to try to make the home more presentable. Just picked it up and the nearby grocer, Price Chopper. It worked wonders! The place looks awesome. Smells better too.

Gabby did not at all enjoy the wet-feeling carpeting. She walked very gingerly and kept shaking her paws. I laughed hard each time I saw her. She hung out in the kitchen quite a bit. A non-carpet surface. As she took care of her duties around the house she often walked very close to the wall. It really was funny.

I think she can't wait to see the family too.

Enough for now. Got to go dust stuff and make the home totally look like I don't really live here.


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