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Random Thoughts On July 14, 2008

On Monday, gasoline topped $4 all over in Kansas City. The Missouri side, that is. $4.09. I still can't believe it. It's always about 6-cents or 7-cents more on the Kansas side of the metro.

People always talk about how it's the humidity they can't stand about summer. I agree. But the humanity can be pretty bad too. :) Last week was fairly steamy in KC. I enjoy summer, but I do hate sweating when walking across the parking lot.

You know, who talks like that? I still can't believe Jesse Jackson said that. Who cares that he didn't know the microphone was live and that he was sitting in front of a camera? Does he really talk like that? He's really misguided.

I am disappointed that Anheuser-Busch was sold to InBev. The day it was announced, though, I knew the deal would go through. There would have been shareholder lawsuits and all kinds of other nonesense if the deal wasn't considered. The almight buck (albeit trading low against other currencies) always speaks.

Happy Bastille Day! July 14.

Mowed my lawn Sunday. With the rain we've had so far this season, my front lawn looks really nice. The back is a different story. Weeds. Yuck. The deer already have eaten all my day lillies.

My Noah's Ark guest room has a leak in the ceiling. A dude came out and patched the small leak around a vent pipe, but he suggests I file a claim because of hail damage. A new roof, I hope, could be around the corner.


At July 15, 2008 7:04 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

ok a leak in the Noah's Ark guest room. ::snerk:: that's funny. Well, you know what we mean - ironic!

gas is 4.23 here for the most part.

We think Jesse Jackson is very un-christian, especially for a minister. How many commandments has he broken? Seriously. Drop the charade of ministry hypocrite.

Mommy's ferst thought about Bud was "maybe it will finally taste good". Then the next thought was "nobody will buy it anymore because it's no longer American". Not that the previous owners care anymore.

At July 15, 2008 9:03 PM, Blogger William said...

There was a rather amusing editorial cartoon about the Jackson bit in our paper the other day. I'd point you to it but the ABQ Journal charges for stuff. So why'd I even mention it? I'm a cat and I can, I guess.

Mom says gas is holding at $3.93 for regular--I guess fairly cheap versus other areas of the country. Still, which has more value--$3.93 of gas or $3.93 of cat treats? That's my question.

Mom usually does a Russell-after-eating-a-gross-bug with beer, but I think it is too bad it was never going to be sold "on my watch" (whichever Busch said that) and then two minutes later apparently the watch was over. So much for personal integrity.

At July 17, 2008 9:30 AM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

I hope you get a new roof too! It helps that you already have someone that says it was hail damage!! Call your insurance agent TODAY!! Good Luck!


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