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Random Thoughts On July 29, 2008

It is pouring rain Tuesday night in Kansas City. I can hear it pounding on the roof. A roof that I haven't replaced yet but am starting to get quotes. The weather dudes on TV indicate the storm is the remnants of Hurricane Dolly. Oh ... need to get the home painted too.

Attended a work for-fun event last Friday. I was invited to display my beach volleyball prowess. Won't be invited to the Olympic trials anytime soon, but I did have fun. A new co-worker sent a pic she snapped of me as I prepared for a serve. Besides looking 500 pounds, it is obvious I was having a good time. It was super hot, though.

Afterward enjoyed a drink with co-workers in the Power & Light District downtown. We had fun. In spite of the $6 "happy hour" drinks. I think my regular haunts are more my style. The new entertainment district downtown is all fun and fancy, but artificial and not what I search for looking for fun spots. It'll appeal to the masses, I'm sure.

Daphne is here this week. She and Gabby are side-by-side napping on the sofa as I type this message.

Monday, after a work meeting, stopped by Three Dog Bakery on The Plaza. My change included an Arizona quarter. No. 48! Very, very cool. I gave the cashier a dollar for four more. Possibly moved by my enthusiasm, she gave me two additional Arizona quarters on her nickel. Made my day. Only Alaska and Hawaii left.

Along with the quarters, my return change included a new five-dollar bill. The colorful ones that look like play money. July 1 I made myself a promise that I would save - not spend - every new five-dollar bill I receive. So far I'm at $30. :)

08/08/08 -- the Olympics are just around the corner. I can't wait! I likely will be television obsessed the entire time.

Filled up at $3.74 the other day. That's a welcome sign. Although I am still dreaming of the days of $1.87.

For years now, I have tracked the number of miles I travel each week. Over the last year or so, the average is right around 400 a week. With meetings at the downtown office, last week I traveled 173.8. Very nice! Once I move to the new office there may be weeks that I won't even top 100. That's awesome.

Have we had enough of political commercials yet?


At July 30, 2008 4:26 PM, Blogger DK & The Fluffies said...

$3.74 - crap. It's still $4.45 here


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