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Sleepy Time

Had to dash out of town over the weekend. Left Friday afternoon, returning late Sunday night. It was a last-minute trip. Spent about 20 hours in a car over about a 60-hour period. Always fun.

The first week at the evolved company was interesting. My feelings are mixed. It was much more tough than I thought it would be. However, I'm keeping positive and will go one day at a time. I am certain there's much I can learn, contribute, and accomplish. It's just making sure those opportunities will exist and making sure I don't rock the boat too early. A tone can be set so early!

The roof dude came by today. The claims adjuster ... Scott. Very cordial and helpful. He didn't require me or invite me to climb on the roof, but he did explain much to me. Always wanting to learn, I appreciated that. I told him I'd wait outside in case he fell, in order to dial 9-1-1. He said if he fell I'd hear it even if I was inside.

He says I have a valid claim. The roof is jacked. Also needs window screens and gutters. He even showed me specific damage. It was interesting. Although good news that insurance will cover, it stressed me out a bit trying to process all the next steps. It's never easy and usually means trying to manage time off from work. I hate that.

Recently received a new Ipod Nano. We'll see if I will ever figure out how to use it. Turning on the radio and listening to NPR is my style. It's very cool, though, to be part of the Ipod generation. Right now it's next to that digital photo frame I received for Christmas that I've never used. :)

The Gabster was so excited to have me home Sunday night. I got home after midnight, so it actually was Monday morning. We were sleeping by 2 a.m. She has her own pillow on my bed. I had my arm/hand out last night scratching her neck as I dozed off. Monday morning as I woke I found her little head resting in my palm. That's a great start to any day, I think.

Fully exhausted as I write this, my next tasks are to gather the trash for Tuesday's pickup, brush my teeth and start snoring.


At July 26, 2008 1:24 PM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

So where was this undisclosed location you drove to and fro? You're always good at giving alittle info but not the entire nuts & bolts of things!! Scoop!!

Excellent news about your roof!! That's what insurance is for and we've certainly had enough nasty storms to justify any/all damage you probably have!! FYI: I can always run over to your house and meet contractors, etc. so you do not have to take off work ... easy for me and I'd be happy to do so since you always do so much for us! Just let me know if you need my assistance!


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