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Others are scared of me because of all the fun I have. Considered a vigilante by my Eponine.

Back In Sicily

Picture it ... a guy walks into the customer service area of the Jones Store (now Macy's). Along with him are his wife and four children. The youngest around four and a boy. The oldest about 13. The gang sees two older ladies sitting in the area. One lady was probably over 80, while the other was 60ish. Likely waiting on a gift to be wrapped or just relaxing for a bit during a busy day of shopping.

After five minutes or so, the guy and his family finish their customer service business. During that time, the kids were well behaved and stayed entertained.

The elder of the two ladies suddenly comments, "You have a very nice family, young man." The guy smiles and replies with a hearty thank you.

As the guy and his family start to leave, the youngest stood still staring at the lady. His dad says, "C'mon son." The youngest then says "Hi Sophia."

The dad taps the son's shoulder and encourages him to move along. The siblings and mom chuckling just a bit. He asked later why Sophia didn't know who he was.

A buddy once told me this story about his family. They enjoyed watching "Golden Girls" together. Somehow, the youngest son was certain this lady was Sophia. The character played by Estelle Getty. Dorothy's (Bea Arthur) mom. Pretty funny.

Ms. Getty recently passed away. You likely saw it in the news. She had been suffering from an extended illness, but it's still sad to lose a beloved American icon like her. At 84, her life I'm sure had been richly blessed.

I don't recall ever watching the episodes when they originally aired, but back in the early to mid-90s episodes aired on a local station immediately after the news. It became a daily highlight to catch the show. I could bank on it making me laugh, sometimes making me think and ponder, and occasionally tear up.

To all those that make folks laugh, think, ponder and occasionally tear up, here's a dedication ... "I want to thank you ... and when we die and float away, I'll see you there, and once again thank you for being a friend. "


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