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Random Thoughts On August 21, 2008

Falling asleep on the sofa watching coverage of Olympics competitions has been a nightly occurrence for the Gabster and me. It's been fun watching it. I was super impressed with Nastia the gymnast. Seems like a fine young lady.

Watching other stuff has been fun too. Although we have had occasional tv-watching fatigue. Last Saturday it happened after about 30 minutes of badminton. I thought, "Seriously?" Then it was on BMX and fencing. Again ... seriously?

I saw on Nightline that the Chinese government is spending big bucks on Olympic-training schools. They are implementing the same type programs that the East Germans years ago. The Chinese have kids practicing dives, gymnastic moves, weightlifting and shooting (among other things) starting around three. Wow.

2 of 30 - Pussy Galore by Andrew JohnsonHere's a pic of a small piece of artwork I purchased back in May. Bought it at the Brookside Art Fair. I've had the pic in "Draft" mode on the blog for several months. Andrew Johnson is the artist. More info on his work is at www.thestitchmaestro.com.

He personalized this one. He wrote ... "To Gabby. Andrew Johnson. It make her smile. The orange cats are her favorite, although she's gray with orange splotches.

Gas is about $3.57. And my Pour Boy station gives me 5-cents less when I use my debit card or pay cash.

The summer has been really enjoyable. Can't believe the first college football game is next week. Aug. 30 my Cowboys will be beating up on Washington State. The game is in Seattle. I'm going to wear orange every day next week in honor of the season opener. Have my shirts all lined up and ready to go. Go Cowboys!


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