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Without Going Over

In our version of "Calvin Ball" I decided to follow the rules of "The Price Is Right". That means neither Gabby or I won the weight bet.

We stopped by the vet's office Saturday morning for the weigh in. Gabby, of course, was talking, greeting and visiting up a storm with everyone she saw. One little cat in a carrier awaiting an appointment stared at Gab with an expression of "Why do you have so much to say?"

With the collar and bandana the Gabster reached 7.6 pounds. Without, 7.4 pounds.

It was a little disappointing. She looks so healthy and full. We were so sure she'd be at least 8.5 pounds. And after seeing a 44-pound monster on the news earlier last week, she was very confident she would be able to brag about her heaviness. The good news is that in a year's time, she has doubled her weight.

In the long run she likely won the bet since now I'm going to be a little less tight with the moist food.


At August 04, 2008 6:09 AM, Blogger Parker said...

Yay! Gabby gets more stinky goodness! She did win!


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