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Random Thoughts On September 30, 2008

Can't believe that September is wrapping up. We have three months left in 2008. Hope to have time to work on bringing out the Halloween stuff over the next few days.

Soooo ready to see the season premier of "Pushing Daisies" on Wednesday night. My gut feeling is that it is going to be a great season. Caught a bit of DWTS Tuesday night. Didn't Warren Sapp get fined years ago by the NFL for aggressive play or something? I can't remember. I don't really care for the Hough guy. He needs to be fined for cockiness.

Eponine's birthday, or at least gotcha day with me, was in late September. Just a quick shout out that I thought of her.

Have I told you lately that Gabrielle talks, talks, talks. Seriously. The greeting when I come home each day is unbelievable. She's asleep now, though.

McCain is here today. Michelle Obama later this week. They said they state is leaning red, but still very close and up for a battle.

My buddy JSmith sent an e-mail saying his Scooter dog passed away over the weekend. He was a daschund and had a bad back. Years ago he had slipped discs or something and lost the ability to use his back legs. He was named before the medical issue but he literally had to scoot around everywhere he went. It almost made me cry just reading his e-mail.

Cooler weather is moving in. High on Wednesday predicted to reach upper 60s. Nice. I love the change to fall. Leaves will be changing colors soon. I've heard that the wet spring we had should cause for a brightly colored fall. Nice.

Did I tell you that MegMcB is prego? A little girl officially is on the way! Very exciting.

A co-worker recently died of cancer. Not a co-worker I knew well, but a co-worker that nonetheless and one loved by many others and no doubt by friends and family.

The Spade, a dear friend from 4-H days, college and adulthood, was diagnosed with breast cancer about a year ago. She's gone through the whole gamut of treatment and seems to be recovering. Then, within the last six months, her second son (she has four) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Currently it is unoperable but there still is some hope, I've heard.

The situation fully breaks my heart. I find that I have no idea what to say to her. I can offer no words of wisdom, but often pray for them. I know it is hope that keeps them going. The son recently got to throw a first pitch at a Texas Rangers game. I hear it was a highlight that left him smiling for days.


At October 01, 2008 10:03 PM, Blogger The Meezers said...

oh goodness Cowboy. We are so sorry that there is so much sadness right now. We are sending purrs and purrayers to you and your furriends.


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