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Random Thoughts On September 7, 2008

It's actually past midnight, so it's really Sept. 8. Flew to D.C. Sunday on U.S. Airways. It was a pleasant trip. Even though they are now charging $1 for a cup a coffee, more for soda and even more for beer/wine. No more pretzels or peanuts. Oh well. The flight was completely on time.

Stopped at Pentagon City Mall after arriving. I am not a mall guy at all. They're usually full of white kids hanging out, acting more important than they are, spending their parent's money, getting in my way and on my nerves. (Please note, I have nothing against white kids. I often have wanted one of my own.) That's my observation of malls. However, Pentagon City is a really cool mall. Hotels, great department stores and specialties. Places to eat. Always busy, but not Mall of America crazy. And a Kenneth Cole store.

Took a tour of the National Portrait Gallery after checking into the hotel. Very impressive. Nice. There's also a great Luis Jimenez piece out front. I took pics and will post when I get home.

There was a private event starting as I was leaving the gallery, around 7 p.m. I asked a lady who appeared to be hosting or at least welcoming guests. She was rude and made sure I realized it was a private event for their clients and I was not invited. I apologized for interrupting and told her I only was curious since it appeared to be a very nice event.

It appears she works for/the host company is The Carlyle Group. Some high-dollar investment company. Not that I would ever make that kind of green, but I for sure would never seek out this company. I never want to be one of their clients based on that one interaction with that lady.

More my style, I found a burger joint named Five Guys for dinner. The cashier/order taker was cool and helpful. The French fries were awesome good.

Before and after dinner I did a little strolling around neighborhoods. I'm always remarkably surprised at the number of homeless folks camped out under store awnings or other nook and crannies. It's common in D.C. Some sleep right in the middle of the sidewalk.

Not homeless looking, but I also saw a younger couple (guy and girl) sitting back away from the sidewalk next to some official-looking building. I figured they were just relaxing and hanging out. As I walked along, the strong odor I smelled provided evidence that they were "chillen!"

Noticed Celine Dion will be at the Verizon Center Monday night. Maybe I'll go by to see if anyone is scalping tickets. Just to see if I can say I attended a concert in D.C.

Got a new cell phone. Finally traded in my several-years-old Razr. The new one is a Samsung model. So far I am really enjoying it.


At September 08, 2008 8:44 AM, Blogger The Meezers said...

wow, i would never invest any green papers with that company either!! sheesh!!!

At September 08, 2008 10:26 PM, Anonymous Sexy Lady said...

You definitely should write a letter stating exactly what you wrote in your blog about The Carlyle Group! Companies need to know that when ONE person misrepresents it can filter to LOTS of others! Remind me to tell you what happened to the snotty guy that emailed about how awful the Porter Peach Festival was from his Avis account at work! Bad move my friend! HA!


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