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{Revised on Sept. 7, 2008. Original post indicated the Republican ticket was visiting Sunday}
Except once, Missouri has voted for the eventual overall election winner for every U.S. Presidential contest since 1904. The one time Missouri didn't involved a contest between favorite sons of neighboring states. Since it is an election year I challenge you to do some research if you want to know.

For more useless information ... Missouri has eight bordering states. That's the most for all U.S. states. Missouri shares that record with one other.

Swing states are those 10 to 15 that might go either way in the election. Most polls show Missouri leaning right, but others say it's too close to call. That means nonstop political ads and frequent visits by the candidates.

My home phone kept ringing and ringing Saturday night. Three times. And I didn't answer. Why? I was on my cell phone visiting with an Oklahoma friend. Plus, rarely does my home phone ever ring. Just telemarketers or OSU soliciting donations.

The fourth call I answered. It was a robo call announncing that McCain and Palin were coming to Kansas City on Monday. Well, Lee's Summit. It's a mostly white, well-to-do, suburb just southeast of Kansas City. It's where my office is located (I am moving to a new office downtown on Wednesday). W made a visit to Lee's Summit not long ago.

These nominees will be speaking at John Knox Village, a very large retirement campus/village. Hope they don't keep Mr. McCain!

During the DNC Mr. Obama watched the Monday night speeches from a home in Kansas City. I had gone to dinner that night with a buddy. I travelled Brookside Boulevard on my way home and was stopped by the road closure. I found a parking spot on a nearby street and hopped over to the commotion thinking I remembered hearing Mr. Obama was in town.

There easily were more than 200 folks gathered along the street. Shortly after 10 p.m. Mr. Obama strolled out of the house with the press corps in tow. Local and national media outlets were all broadcasting. I am certain he looked right at me, waved and gave me a toothy grin.

It was the one time I didn't have my camera with me. The cell phone pics all turned out blurry and mostly just captured flashes from other cameras and the bright lights of TV cameras. Darn.

I would have been just as excited to see Mr. McCain.


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